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Can you open an indesign 2015 file in indesign 2017?

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  • Can you open an indesign 2015 file in indesign 2017?

    Hi guys.
    I am currently working with a very difficult client.
    They insist they need to be able to open and use my indesign file (we are working through dropbox).
    I am working in ID 2015. It's what I am used to and just prefer it. He has ID 2017. He claims he can't open the file.

    Is this really true that ID 2017 can't open an ID 2015 file?

    Thanks for the help.

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    In theory, the 2015 file should open in 2017 without issue.

    So, I have to ask the same question I'd ask your client if they came here first-hand with claim of "can't open the file."

    What happens when you try?

    Of course, there are many other bits of information that could be valuable;
    • What OS at each end?
    • Same fonts installed?
    • Packaged files, or just a stand-alone .indd?
    • Was transfer in an archived format (e.g. .ZIP) attempted?
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      cc2017 opens 2015 files no issue. I do it all day long.

      Did you package it?
      And are you both on the same OS?

      The most common problem is that a PC sometimes cannot read Mac packaged fonts. The file will still open, but the fonts will be subbed, therefore is '''broken.'' HB said, what exactly isn't working when they ''can't open the file?''

      BTW, Indesign 2017 and 2015 are pretty much exactly the same (with the possible exception of a damn annoying popup that keeps wanting me to ''publish online.'')
      If you have a subscription, why not update?
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        Yes, you can however there might be issues with font or broken text which can be avoided by upgrading to latest version.


        • PrintDriver
          PrintDriver commented
          Editing a comment
          You read the OP wrong.
          The OP has 2015. Someone with 2017 says they can't open the files. Which should not happen.





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