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  • Box design and 3D renders

    Hi, I create boxes for my partners crafting endeavours, this is a hobby and not related to manufacturing. I use illustrator to create the cut lines and fold lines then import into an app called "Make The Cut" (MTC) for cutting out. This app can import various files types such as AI, PDF, EPS, SVG and a few others. Most of the boxes I create for her are simple square or rectangular designs with the odd embellishments here and there.

    I would like to create more complex boxes and be able to render these in 3D to iron out any glaring errors and to see if they can be improved. I do have a small app called Origami that can use to render a 3D representation of the box part and show folds and cut lines but it is very rudimentary and I find it frustrating to use and that is why I am looking down this path for my design work.

    So, to summarise...
    Option 1: I would like to be able to create layouts in Illustrator and be able to import the Illustrator file into the 3D app and be able to manipulate it to create the box in 3D
    Option 2: Create the box in a 3D app and fold it out and export it in one of the various files mentioned above for import into MTC or Illustrator.

    Option 2 is my preferred method

    Regards Lee

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