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Has someone ever told you how to do your own sketchbook?

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  • Has someone ever told you how to do your own sketchbook?

    My lecturer/tutor keeps telling me how to do my sketchbook. It's not the usual "maybe you could add this this or this" but more along the lines of criticising my creative process and the size of my sketchbook as well. I can take constructive criticism but some how I feel like that isn't it. Is it normal for my tutor to do that or is it just rude?
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      Can you give an example? most people don't actually see my sketchbook, so there isn't an opportunity for them to tell me how to sketchbook
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        All my teachers ever cared about was that we were using it. They would view it on occasion in a pass/fail mode.
        Depends on what you want to lug around with you. Or if you have one of them new-fangled draw-on-my-screen surface thingies, it might not even be a book.
        As the old axiom goes; ''Size does not matter, it's all about how you use it.''

        If on the other hand, if the tutor is pointing out any examples for you to explore further, that is fair game.
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