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    LOGO DESIGNED TO MAKE A NOISE? Please forgive me if this is a dumb graphic design question - I only dabble, so I need professional help. My boss has asked me to create a logo for our website that when you mouse over it, it makes a short noise. Is this even possible? If so, how?

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    It's possible.
    It's also annoying.
    How are you coding the website? There are a number of different ways to do it.


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      Hi Abbeyverus and welcome to GDF.

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        I'd rather be killed than come to your party, but if you don't invite me, I'll kill myself.






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        • Troep
          What does this look like?
          Today, 05:26 AM
        • John G
          Reply to [LOGO] Please critique my logo
          John G
          is what I got, with a neat icon.
          Maybe Ooltek, but the V never registered. Too different from the rest of the logo font I'm guessing.

          ^^^ everything Print and B said, man...
          Today, 04:28 AM
        • mixlikes
          Reply to Should I change my brand name?
          As per my opinion don't change brand name. Because through brand people know you. Brand name makes you popular and brings new customers for your business.
          Today, 03:59 AM
        • John G
          Quick and Dirty 3ds tutorials.
          John G
          Well, job changes come around and all.
          So I might be changing from web-dev to freaking 3DS and Maya (I've long lost whatever network card my copy of Maya was saved to, grr, (still have my lightwave...
          Today, 03:42 AM
        • John G
          Reply to Tips for my website
          John G
          well, 933px width on the footer looks off. My QA guys would give me hell about 'outline:0'. And there's some weird crap happening with error messaging in the map.
          QA would also give me crap about...
          Today, 02:04 AM
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