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  • 2017 Design Trends

    Stumbled upon this on Behance.

    Personally, I found some of these trends to be rather old. Some appear too artsy and hurt more than help with a design; such as the photography in logos and the tiny typography.

    What are your guys thoughts? Which trends do you find useful and which ones do you think are here to stay?

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    2. Cinemagraphs made me think of the movie Truman, with the same car going by at regular intervals.
    5. Landing pages are a waste of time. A home page is better. Even better is a home page with your contact info on it right up front where it can be found on, well, landing.
    8. has been around for years. At least in my industry.
    17. Movies...bandwidth hogs. And the ones that talk? shut down immediately.
    19. Hidden navigation? People will get used to it? Don't make your website difficult to navigate. There is also the ADA factor. For instance visually impaired people use site readers that don't recognize icons or prompts for hidden navigation.

    The main thing with websites is to keep them relevant and up to date. These days people don't have time to dwell on your site. They are there for information and they may want it quickly. As far as mobile goes, it should be fairly obvious that websites need to be optimized if you want to maximize traffic.






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