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Anyone have an idea of how these logos where made?

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  • Anyone have an idea of how these logos where made?

    I have no idea how someone made these logos look the way they are. the actual team logos are below also seen below. I can't find anything that explains how this effect is applied to various logos or how to achieve this desired 3D effect. Could someone please shed some light on how this might be done? Thanks!
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    The original logos were brought into photoshop, beveled embossed and have lighting effects applied to them.
    Or they were done in an actual 3D program extruded, beveled and had metal effects applied.

    You see this a lot on newscasts and with pro sport teams. I've seen the actual files that make these. Most times some kind of photoshop export and usually at very low resolution (TV is very forgiving.) On occasion they are actually vector SVG files with all those effects applied as gradients (though again I suspect they are done from wireframes in a 3D program because most come from animated logo effects.)


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      I was wanting to try something like that effect for a personal project. Now I'll at least have a general basis to start at. Thanks a bunch!






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