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  • Design studies for working as graphic designer?

    Hi guys, I study culture and communication science in north Italy (Bachelor studying) and am going to graduate next month. However, I am searching for a job in the field of graphic design right now. I want to work in that field even if it doesn't relate that much with my studying. I already did an internship in graphic design and know to use the Adobe programs. I personaly would prefer to start working in that field now but I don't know if I lower my chances for the future to find a good job without a degree in the direction design, or if it doesn't matter as soon as I have some more work experience and a nice porttfolio. Do some of you have any personal experience? Are there some career changers who started to work as graphic designers and would you suggest me to do a master studying in design? Every answer will be a great help, thank you in advance!

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    If you can get a job without a degree, go for it. Not sure how things are in Italy, but here in the US, without a degree, it's tough to get that first job.
    In fact, here, entry level is a 4-year degree and 2 years of experience and I'd highly recommend any student of design to get a paying job in some facet of the field to get that experience and build that portfolio even though they are still a student.

    Since your Bachelor study isn't in Graphic Design, you present an interesting case. A lot of times we'd suggest you don't go for a Masters in Design but in some related field. Wait a few years also, so you have a better idea how to apply your studies and give you time to mature a bit so the dissertation part can be worthwhile rather than something everyone has done before. The other thing about a Masters in Graphic Design, potential employers may not want to hire you as a Masters carries with it some salary expectations they might not be willing to offer.

    Good luck out there.






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