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How did you get into freelancing?

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  • How did you get into freelancing?

    Hi everyone, i was wondering how did you get your start in freelancing? Aside from building a portfolio, how did you find clientes and advertise yourself?

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    I did some freelancing on the side years ago. It started with family and friends ("Hey, I heard you're a graphic designer, could you...?") and from there it was word of mouth from those people. Didn't last long, though, because everyone believed they should get "friend" prices or family discounts, or were shocked that they would have to pay at all. No thanks.
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      I know what you mean i have already done some work for a few friends and always got the ''yeah man ill pay you later.'' i'm going to moving to a new town next year so i would like to find a way to get into freelancing or possibly be able to work from home.
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    Networking and word of mouth. It's hard, I'm not the best at it so I don't have more advice. Some people are much better at self-promotion than I am.

    It takes time, if you're starting from scratch, it will probably be a year or two before you have a full slate of clients.
    There's a few exceptions to this, but I think for the average freelancer it's probably like this.

    Freelancing is basically running a one-person business, so you have to consider that what you're really doing is setting up a business. Finding clients is just one part of being a successful freelancer.


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      This is how I did it:
      1. Get a degree in design from a reputable school
      2. Get a junior position job in an agency/company
      3. Learn lots of stuff not taught in school
      4. Get promoted to senior designer
      5. Learn more stuff not taught in school
      6. Make industry contacts
      7. Get recommendations via said contacts
      8. Excel
      9. Profit
      10. Rinse & repeat steps 5-9
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        I got into freelancing when some clients found me through word of mouth, outside of business cards and a website, I don't advertise at all. It probably helped that I also went through the steps Pan has outlined above.
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          1. Got a Bachelors of Arts degree (mine was interdisciplinary, 50% graphic design).

          2. Created a name and brand for myself in my last year of college.

          2b. Took business courses in college. That helped a ton.

          3. Did too much work for free.

          4. Did a boatload of research into portfolio design and designed my own from scratch. Gave my mockups to a coder to build.

          4. Started charging a little for my work.

          5. Did a (really) crappy internship.

          6. Started charging market value for my work.

          7. Wrote my own legal contracts for clients. This matters. Like, a LOT.

          8. Formed a single-member LLC (as of yesterday. Yay!).


          ~ Keep teaching yourself, always.

          ~Stay updated with the latest version of Creative Cloud.

          ~Keep LinkedIn up to date. If you use Facebook for marketing (I don't), keep that fresh too.

          ~Add to your portfolio when appropriate. Your portfolio is only as strong as your weakest piece).

          ~Hand out business cards to everyone. (They should be killer business cards. I use Jukebox.)

          I don't freelance full-time, and my work is unique in that I blend graphic design with educational programs. So I'm quite busy designing my own curriculum while doing some freelance work at the same time. A lot of my work starts in the education field where I meet people who need work, and still I'm in the early, post-graduation stage of my business. But that has been my path.


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            if you want to become successful freelancer you should connect to everyone and make your circle large and tells what your professional.


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                I started doing projects for family and friends, then their friends started noticing my work. then people would recommend me






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