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  • A thing of the Past?

    Are internet forums becoming a thing of the past?
    Are they being replaced by other social media?
    Even blogs are going commentless these days (which makes for a lot of misinformation out there.)

    I'm curious because I don't buy into the other social media stuff.

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    I'll preface my reply by stating that I clearly don't actually know anything. But I would say that message board style forums do appear to be slowly sliding into obsolescence. Or maybe it would be more accurate to call it "obscurity." I say that because I think they are still useful; at least when you're searching for information about a product or problem and can benefit from (an account of) someone else's experience. I suppose it's possible to find such information on the busier social media platforms and blogs, but it often requires weeding through the incessant post traffic of the validation-addicted. Of course it's that very traffic which makes those platforms appear more "popular," but like-hunting certainly fosters no breeding ground for factual or useful content.
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      I'm not sure if it's a "dying breed" or not. I know that early on GDF was much more of a "social" place, but I know that changed after swapping out forum software several years back. I'd like to think GDF would still be like that without those rough days of adapting to the new forum, but ... who knows.

      Perhaps, however, younger people might wonder what the point of "joining" a forum might be. I do see quite a few people register to find the answer to the problem they are currently having and then never really participate moving forward. So, perhaps it is a dying breed.

      And not to be nostalgic, but I do think that the early GDF community helped each other out quite a bit as far as advice, tips, tricks, providing an outlet for the day to day insanity in their jobs or private lives and what not.

      Who knows.
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        I think it is a dying breed.

        It's a format I like, but many of the forums I used to participate in have died in the last couple years. The How forum died about 6 years ago or so.

        Some of the other web forums I used to participate in were attacked constantly by trolls (constantly posting NSFW )and the moderators had an impossible time dealing with them.

        Some of the others were things like How and MacAddict which were attached to magazines that saw the forums as more trouble than they were worth.
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          It's on the decline, but I'm optimistic that it will survive the current trends for at least another decade or two. There will always be a need for people to open discussions without having to write articles and own the forum. There will always be a need to express oneself in more than 80 characters and without all the filters.

          I once thought that email would give way to SMS and online forums. But it seems that every medium has it's advantages over other media. There's still people faxing each other these days. And snail mail has found it's niche in the age of electronic media.


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            Rachel Maddow did a report on Trolling Bots last night. I think small forums like this are more immune to trolling bots than the larger forums.


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              The "upgrade" certainly didn't help things around here…it's deathly slow for me on an older OS and browser…
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                They are in decline and it's sad to see, the mograph forum is in a similar state. I think there's room for innovation though and some kind of cross platforming with social media could happen down the road.


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                  Actually I forgot about reddit so I definitely take that back. I think individual more nuanced forums are declining in exchange for bigger forums like reddit that have thousands of sub topics for everything under the sun. I've seen some nice communities on reddit, but it does feel like going to a shopping mall forum vs a nice mom and pop.






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