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  • Proper Use of Borders

    I have a company logo I'm currently working with that I've been asked to transfer to a black background. A segment of the current logo has a five pointed star on a white disc with two red rings as a border. I can't quite remember but I'm sure I've come across guidelines or principles that say in such a situation there should a distinct border between the white disc and the black background and therefore the outer red ring should be omitted. Am I right? Does anyone know the term for this or where I should be looking for more information on this.

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    There is no rule saying you should mangle a logo because another rule says so.
    I've seen brand standards that require an outer white border when the logo is on any other background color besides white.
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    I've also seen brand standards that specify absolutely no white border on background colors other than white. Species specific.

    On this one you posted, if it came to me and I was told to put it on a black background, I would question if the ring between the two skinny borders is black, not white to match the center. Your solution sure looks better, but is it acceptable to the client?

    As for the skinny borders, they don't read well on the white background either. The rings on the white background version almost look hand drawn. As in they are so skinny the jpg artifacts are making them look wonky.


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        And what's to say that the inner ring has to be white? Maybe it's really transparent so the fill would be black on a dark background too. There's several ways you could go on this... if there's no existing guidelines from the company then I'd try different things and see what looks best.


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          There's no rule for something like this. Someone at some time might have come up with some sort of rule of thumb, but I've never heard of it, and would pay it no mind if I did. The rule that trumps all rules in graphic design is do what works for the situation at hand.


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            Well thanks for the responses, I suppose when you look around at other examples, the Patriot's logo being a good one, there's no shortage of ways to handle this situation.






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