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    hi ,im new at graphic design.So please some one tell me if there is any option for showing bleed on JPEG file in illustrator?I mean without saving file in pdf format is there is any option for showing bleed in JPEG format file.

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    You can set bleeds easily enough in Illustrator, but I don't understand the JPEG part of what you're saying. Illustrator is a vector-based drawing application. What are you doing that involves JPEGs in Illustrator?

    Are you exporting to JPEG and expecting to maintain the bleeds you set in Illustrator? If so, no, you can't really do that. JPEG isn't typically a format that lends itself to uses that require bleeds. Assuming you have a good reason, though, just build the bleeds directly into the artwork manually. For example, if you need a 5x5-inch cropped print, just make the artboard 5.25x5.25 inches, which would give you the equivalent of 1/8"-inch full bleed to work with.
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      thanks B


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        Hi Kh emon and welcome to GDF.

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          Originally posted by "kh emon"'
          Thanks B .please tell me one thing please ,in business card design when i design business card with bleed mark nd export it to JPEG format ,it doesn't contain any bleed fiverr the clients provides their buyer business card service at X$ and they they also added that at X$ dollar they can give buyer printable JPEG file.But my question is it,IS JPEG format file is for printing nd in this JPEG format it doesn't show any bleed marks.without bleed marks how can the design will be perfect?
          No offense intended, but Fiverr is nothing but a place for amateurs to make a few dollars providing grossly inferior work to people think they can get something for a few dollars that would normally cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. It's basically a legal scam operation that provides a venue for selling junk to ignorant buyers.

          JPEG is not a format for printing business cards. JPEG is a format for reducing the size of photos. It's what's called a lossy format in that it reduces the file size by discarding differing amounts irretrievable data from the file that depend upon the amount of JPEG compression applied to the file. In photos, much of the information can actually be discarded without it being noticeable to a viewer, which makes JPEG a good format for storing photos when disk space is limited. JPEG is also a good format for squeezing down graphics for the web to make load time faster by sacrificing a bit of image quality.

          JPEG is completely inappropriate for printing anything that contains typography since there is no data in type that can be discarded without noticeably affecting the quality and sharpness of the typography. JPEG is also, typically, an RGB format that can only be displayed on monitors. When RGB is printed, it must first be converted to some variation of CMYK. The end result is that black type ends up being, not a solid black, but a combination of all the ink or toner colors. This invariably leads to registration problems with the typography and little color edges on the type. In addition, the printing of typography should be done directly from vector-based glyphs in the font. The reason for this is so that the scalability of the vector data can be used by the output device to print out the type at the highest resolution of that output device, which is typically 1,200 to 4,000 dpi instead of much lower resolutions required for photos. Converting that Illustrator typography to a raster format, like JPEG, reduces that resolution to that of a photo, which once again, creates typography that will look terrible.

          The reason a JPEG export doesn't contain bleeds is for the simple reason that JPEG is a format that is not suitable for printing layouts of any sort. Just about the only use for a JPEG export in Illustrator is to squeeze down graphics for display on websites, and no bleed is needed for that.

          So that brings it back to Fiverr, which like I said is little more than a legal scam. Providing buyers JPEGed business card files is completely consistent with Fiverr's business model of selling junk to people who don't know better.






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