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Problem with name that is a colour I can't use

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  • Problem with name that is a colour I can't use

    I am reaching out as I have a unique problem that my own mind seems to be stuck on. I have a sports group named Crimson that I am trying create an overlay for their videos they are going to publish. The problem is that the team colour is blue and they can't be red because one of the other teams is already red. I tried to explain that the problem is the word Crimson is a colour as well so people would expect to see crimson as the team colour. I am starting to feel there is no design I can pull off that I can be proud of. Is anyone able to shed some light on this or offer an alternative way to look at the problem. I am plumb out of ideas and don't know where to turn next. Maybe this project is not for me. I am just doing the team a favour but I still need to take pride in my work, especially if it gets seen by a lot of people locally. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. If you can't offer any advice, do you have a similar story that might help me reflect on this little stumper?

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    Where I went to high school, one of the school colors was maroon. In football, our arch enemy had a school color that was called cardinal (red). Didn't stop the two teams from playing on the same field.

    There's red, and then there is crimson. If the other team is primary red, there is nothing that says your crimson can't more approach a maroon, almost purple red, or even a brownish purple read. But if they have already selected the color blue, besides being a rather questionable move on the part of the team, just pretend Crimson is a place name rather than a color name, and use the blue they want you to use.
    The question to ask then is ''what else besides the name defines the team?''


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      You're just working on some video materials, right? The team, despite its name, already uses blue, correct? As I understand it, you're not choosing their team color or redesigning their already-blue uniforms or anything else except this video overlay.

      If that's the case, the color -- as illogical as it might seem -- has already been decided. If they're open to changing everything they do to a new color, I'd suggest what PrintDriver's already mentioned -- use a different shade of red or make their colors a combination of red and some other color. For that matter, the overlay doesn't necessarily have to be just blue. I mean, it could be dark blue or black with some reddish things going on.

      Where I went to high school, the colors were red and white. They had two sets of uniforms: one mostly white, with red trim and shoes, the other mostly red with white trim and shoes. If they played a team whose colors were also red and white, they'd wear their white and red uniforms. What I'm saying is there are multiple ways to handle this small problem.

      Just judging from what you've written, if all you're doing is creating a video overlay, I'm going to suggest that you might be overreacting to things beyond your control (or concern). I work with clients all the time who have made bad design decisions in the past, and those bad decisions, as dumb as they might have been, get carried over into my own work for the sake of maintaining their visual brand consistency.

      Just for the sake of an example, I might have a client come to me to design a brochure in which their logo needs to appear. Well, half the time their logo sort of sucks. If it's really bad, I might suggest me designing a new one (for a fee). If they decline the offer, I'm sure not going to lose any sleep worrying about their awful logo ending up in their nicely designed brochure -- at that point, me concerning myself with their not-so-good logo is beyond the scope of the project. If I'm interpreting your predicament correctly, I'll suggest that you might adopt the same attitude.


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        Thank you very much. I feel maybe I was too concerned about it. Your examples have also made it easier to think of the name Crimson like a street name or a city. I really can't thank you enough.


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