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Unable to ungroup .jpg file after tracing image on illustrator

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  • Unable to ungroup .jpg file after tracing image on illustrator

    Hi, I have never used illustrator before, so to be honest, have no idea what I'm doing.
    What I would like to do is have an image that I am able to upload (example in the picture, will most likely be maps with delineations on it),
    and be able to ungroup the image so I could move individual parts around. After some research, I believe I have to do image tracing, and then ungroup.
    However, after Image Tracing, I am not able to ungroup, could anyone help me on how I could get this done?

    Thanks for any help, much appreciated!
    (Clearly) a newbie
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    Not knowing exactly what you mean by Image Tracing...

    Try selecting everything then go to Object > Expand (or Expand Appearance, whichever is available.)
    After you do that, try ungrouping.
    If that doesn't work, select everything then go to Object > Compound Path > Release. Then try ungrouping.


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      Hi PrintDriver,

      There's an option saying Trace Image, which is what I meant, don't know if that clears it up.

      Regardless, Object> Image Trace> Make and Expand (I couldnt find Object > Expand) worked for me!
      Thank you very much!


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        After the Image trace is complete you must go into 'Object' - 'Image trace' - and select 'Expand'. This will break the piece down into anchor point and curves, then you can ungroup, make changes, etc.






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