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Gestalt principles on logo design books and articles?

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  • Gestalt principles on logo design books and articles?

    I really would like to start designing logos based on the gestalt principles. I've searched the web and found amazing logos using these principles,especially negative space. Can you recommend any books or articles(such as this one on putting these principles into practice and what not to do?

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    Gestalt theory is all well and good, and it has sound principles to follow, but in reality its basic premise is the same as all other design theories. The term means ''unified whole'' which all graphic design should be. The effectiveness of a piece is the sum total of all its parts.

    What not to do is to follow a single theory blindly or try to make it apply when it doesn't.

    Here's a book that explains the psychology behind why things work in a UI environment. It has a slightly wider scope than simply the way a viewer sees things. With the interactivity of websites and phones, it's a good idea to think about applying these principles beyond just logo creation. There is far more to a branding experience than the logo.


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        Most everything I design takes Gestalt psychology into consideration.

        PrintDriver, your post just cost me $40 (I downloaded the Kindle version of the book earlier today). So far, It's been worth the money, but I'm only through the first chapter.






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