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  • Non Compete Agreement

    Just wondering if anyone could help me out? I have been working for a talent agency for a few years now and I have one client in particular that I have been working with for over a year. They love my work and I love working with them. I want to approach them about working with me directly so I can increase my rate and they wouldn't have to pay the agency fee, but I can't find my agencies noncompete agreement anywhere? Any advice would be welcome.


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    If you lost your copy of the contract, just ask for a new one.
    Call/email your agency and tell them to send it to you.
    People get hired away from ''talent agencies'' all the time. Sometimes the company hiring you just has to buy out your agreement.


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        If you're still working for the agency, and they discover you've worked around them to work with a client, I imagine that would be the last time you work for that agency. Or any other agency for that matter. If gaining this client would be more profitable than the combined income the agency provides it could be worth it. Assuming there are no legal ramifications for stealing the client.


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          I have a number of friends that have worked for agencies that had their contracts bought out by the people they were placed with.
          It's a common business practice with talent firms. If all carried out above board, there shouldn't be an issue with it.
          Even if the contract is not bought out, there may be a legal recourse to work for the company where placed, or for the contractee. Might require a short lawyer visit to review the terms.

          What you can't do is claim ignorance. ''I didn't know,'' is not a legal excuse.


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            Originally posted by Bronx9911 View Post
            ...but I can't find my agencies noncompete agreement anywhere? Any advice would be welcome.
            The only possible advice would be to find and honor that agreement, assuming there is one. If there is no mention of it in the papers you physically signed (after you read them and safeguarded a copy, right?) when you took the contract, then they have no enforce-able standing for action should you assume the role of "Agency." In other words, if they didn't present it, and/or you didn't sign it, it doesn't exist.
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