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    Hello everyone,

    I have a few heatmaps generated from a running app, which look like this:


    Now, I would like to combine all of these heatmaps into one single heatmap. Any suggestions how to do it? Is there a tool available or does it work with photoshop, etc?


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    If by combine, you mean overlay them on top of each other while preserving and combining the red areas of both, yes, Photoshop can easily do it -- at least in this particular instance with these two images. Just bring both into Photoshop on separate layers. Using the drop-down options in the layers palette, set the top layer from "Normal" to "Lighten."


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      Thanks for your answer
      I have about 15 different images, if i just overlay them everything will be red in the end. What I am looking for is one single picture which shows the areas used most (this areas should be in a bright red colour). So if 14 out of 15 pictures had only a red part in the front of the foot and 1 out of 15 had a red part in the back, the final picture should be bright red in the front, and only have a very light red part in the back.


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        This is just off the top of my head — I haven't tried it, but...

        If you stack and align all 15 of them perfectly, you might be able to accomplish what you want by doing what I suggested above to each layer, while simultaneously setting the opacity (transparency) of each layer to, say, 6 or 7 percent (you'd likely need to experiment with the numbers). This would enable the red areas that were used most to combine into bright red, while relegating the lesser-used red areas to relevant multiples of that 6 or 7 percent.


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