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What does a good graphic design portfolio include?

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  • What does a good graphic design portfolio include?

    i am a graphic designer and digital coloring artist too. Gonna make a portfolio but still confused what to include or not. Need some suggestions about this.
    Would also love to get assist by good graphic designers and do some work for them just to learn new trends and techniques not for making money.

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    Only showcase your best works, even if it means having fewer to display. Go for quality over quantity.


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      not for making money
      Why would you want to work for free?

      A portfolio should include your best work.

      What's a digital coloring artist?

      A 'good graphic designer' isn't about teaching new trends, and certainly not about teaching new techniques. They are busy servicing their real world clients.That learning stuff is something you do on your own time through observation and practice.


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        Originally posted by brucebrown View Post
        Would also love to get assist by good graphic designers and do some work for them just to learn new trends...
        I've said this before, but designers should be trendsetters, not trend followers. This desire to be trendy among some beginning designers is misguided. It not only stifles that person's own creativity, it also guarantees the work will be outdated as soon as the trend fades and is replaced by the next one.

        It's fine to be aware of trendy things and it's important to consider stylistic shifts that occur over decades. But it's detrimental to get caught up in the mentality of focusing on the latest trends and fashions just because other trend followers are doing so.

        As for what should go in a portfolio, I agree with Macker that only your best work should be there -- even if it means a smaller than ideal portfolio. An art director reviewing your portfolio will always remember the worst piece and assume it's the most accurate representation of your abilities -- otherwise, you would have put something better in its place.

        What kind of thing to put in your portfolio, however, depends on its purpose. If you're just putting it together to show friends and family your new hobby, well, put what you like in it. If you're trying to impress a creative director in a job interview, the portfolio needs to reflect your ability to contribute to that company's goals and objectives.


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          As per my experience and knowledge, here I have mentioned some tips related to portfolio

          - Your goal should be to wow the viewer of your portfolio from start to finish. A great way to do this is by starting with one of your strongest designs so itís the first thing they see. If youíre going with an online portfolio, arrange your page/s so that your strongest example is readily available and catches their attention first. At the same time, you also want to save one of your top designs for the end as well.

          - Don't think of your design portfolio simply as a collection of your art and design work. Recommendations and real-life case studies go a long way in showing how professionally capable you are. Ask a previous client or employer for a recommendation, and write up a short case study to accompany a project.


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