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I am trashing my MacBook Pro and getting a Windows Laptop... help me.

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  • I am trashing my MacBook Pro and getting a Windows Laptop... help me.

    Any suggestions for a laptop?

    I have a 13" mid-2010 MacBook Pro but I am not happy with the MacBook options and am in the market for a PC.

    I bought this one, the Samsung - Notebook 9 Pro 15" Touch-Screen Laptop with Intel Core i7 - 16GB Memory - AMD Radeon 540 - 256GB Solid State Drive.

    It's great as a drawing surface for illustration but then it crashed when using Illustrator to render strokes. I'm returning this one.

  • PrintDriver
    All I'm saying that a 250gig hard drive is too small. Illustrator is a scratch hog, and with a lot of points and effects, a ram hog as well. I have a darn zippy production machine and it still bogs down with some Illustrator files. A few guassian blurs can ruin my whole afternoon.

    Not to mention that most of the Adobe programs are currently unstable in some configuration or other. I have NEVER had to reload prefs as often as I have the last 2 years. But that's a different story.

    Here are some helpful solutions as to why Illustrator may crash and burn on windows. It's an older post but this has been going on quite some time with CC.

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  • Craig B
    IMO, touchscreen on laptops is a gimmick. I have a 2015 15" MBP and a work-provided 15 1/2" Dell Precision M3800 Laptop with touchscreen. The touchscreen is more nuisance then help. Clients like to point to things on screen and the touchscreen kicks in. I will say, as far as PCs go, the Dell is a pretty good little laptop, but for design I don't see how useful touchscreen is.. Just my two cents. Better of getting a Wacom or a tablet if you are truly looking for a way of drawing or sketching with your PC. Heck, possibly even a Surface Pro where the touchscreen is more of a focus rather than a gimmick.

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  • beardsworthy
    Yes, my mid-2010 MacBook Pro had an issue rendering the strokes but it did it without AI crashing.

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  • PrintDriver
    You're returning a computer becuase it crashed when rendering strokes?

    The only thing I caution when someone is going Mac > PC is that may mean some of your programs and fonts don't transfer.
    But the unit you bought should be able to handle quite a bit of Illustrator work - except the hard drive is too small. You should have at least a 500gig. 1TB or more is better.)

    If the machine crashed on an Illustrator render, the first thing I'd check is hard drive scratch space. The second thing would be the number of points I was asking Illustrator to render. There is a limit.

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