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Where does one find inspiration for portfolio work without clients?

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  • Where does one find inspiration for portfolio work without clients?

    I have way too much free time now during these holidays and I decided that I should be using my time effectively rather than slouching around on a sofa. I can`t really think of any women I fancy taking on a date that aren`t taken either haha. I keep thinking about starting portfolio but without clients I can`t find inspiration to create anything. It would be very beneficial if I had made myself a portfolio by the end of this month.
    I am curious how most graphic designers created their first pieces of work for their portfolios.

    I have signed up for DesignCrowd maybe 2 years ago and entered a few contests, creating multiple designs but I find `contests`very draining. You find yourself competeing against hundreds or thousands of people and therefore your chance of creating something that pleases the person paying, is very shallow. Plus the chance of client communication is extremely low, so there is no understanding of what they exactly want and you can`t get much feedback on what you are making. Perhaps my ideas or style may not suit the client either. In the real world, most clients would ask a designer they think would be best suited and capable for what they need.

    If I were to just leave my house and approach any company, promoting myself and leaving a business card, they would want to see at least some of my work, which I don`t really have. I need examples of what I could make for a company such as a logo, website or advert. Not a desktop wallpaper.

    I know some people have made free logos, and t-shirt designs for certain youtubers for free and that may have helped them become noticed but I`m looking for other ways to get noticed, and other ways to make portfolio worthy work.

    Any advice for a beginner to get started?

    Thank you.

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    Most new designers'portfolios are filled with work they did while in college/university and whatever internships, part-time jobs or small freelance projects they picked up during that time.






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