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Identify Mac software used for this graphic??

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  • Identify Mac software used for this graphic??

    OK, here's a fun challenge for you, while something you can do to help me solve a serious problem. I need to know what software might have been used to create the attached graphic. I've been getting some really weird images sent to me, and am trying to triangulate on the software used. The person uses some Mac program which applies the "bevel" effect around the edge. I know every graphic program can do bevels, but is there a Mac program that does this automatically when someone takes a screencap? Does this bevel effect look unique to any single program? I would suspect the program is free, and probably comes bundled with an older Mac OS.

    I'm not a Mac user, so I have no ideas.

    I know it's a strange question, but please bear with my question. Identifying the software used might help ID the person, eventually. All you have to work with is the bevel effect.
    Click image for larger version

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    Mac Screensnaps do not do that automatically but there are quite a number of Mac Apps that can apply the bevel to images in their documents because I think it is actually a MacOS Framework.


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      You are trying to identify the sender from a bevel?

      If you are getting these things via email, drag the email file to your desktop and open it with a text editor. You should be able to view all the sender header information right there if they aren't too seriously covering their tracks....though that may only work with our particular firewall, which appends all that info. Your mileage may vary.

      If these things are malicious, I wouldn't open any images without first doing a virus/malware scan on them. There's a reason we don't download and view unsolicited PDFs and jpgs from unknown sources.
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        Originally posted by Creighton77 View Post
        Identifying the software used might help ID the person, eventually.
        How so? If the person is sending you emails, the emails offer many better avenues to identification than a canned image effect that anyone anywhere can do.
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          Not to mention there may be info in the file itself.
          After you've scanned the thing for viruses, open in photoshop and look at File > File Info. Sometimes people leave their GPS data in there, their iPhone info, sometimes other stuff....


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            I'm going to ask we stick to my question. I have ways of scanning the files for metadata, etc., but I am posting a question about the graphics program used, and that's why I am posting on a graphic design forum. There are a thousand details I could go into, none of which have to do with graphic design and thus are way off topic for this forum.

            I really need to know if which software this looks like it was generated from. If anyone has an idea, I appreciate it.

            Peter Breis, perhaps the person is taking the screenshot and throwing that into a Mac office app, and adding the bevel? Is that a stock effect in Apple's word processing app?


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              Well, posting on a graphic design forum means the responders will be problem solvers, not graphics robots. So, sticking to your question:

              ''Does this bevel effect look unique to any single program?''


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            I could do that exact bevel with a dozen or more softwares (including a number of online widgets,) none of which are specific to a Mac.


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              Your post has more questions tucked in between the lines that it actually asks. For example, how do you know it was created on an old Mac? Why don't you just ask the person sending you the emails? Why do you think the bevel was applied automatically? Why do you care?

              Apple has never been big on bundling cheesy, gimmicky features into their bundled apps. MIcrosoft, on the other hand, has never hesitated doing so. There are tons free and low-cost Windows and Mac applications that will likely do this sort of thing.

              Anyway, as you said, it would be simple to do this in most graphics apps. The whole process could easily be automated down to a click or two.


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                I think you've answered the question ... it was simply "No." There's nothing about the bevel that points to any unique Mac software.

                The reason I asked is that in MS Office, it comes with stock effects that are easily identified as having been created in Office (that silly reflection effect, etc.) So the question was valid.

                But if the answer is no, there's no way to identify the software, then that's fine and thanks for the replies.


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                  Just to add, none of the effects in Office are specific to Office either. There isn't anything there that couldn't be recreated in other software in another OS.






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