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    I am a graphic designer and I am curious about what defines the term 'custom font'. I recently had a friend contact me to ask about a logo for his current company. He said that the logo was created with a custom font, but there are no files to use it as a working font for other projects.

    Would this be considered a custom font or just a logo? I hope I'm phrasing my question correctly. If there is not a full font set, than I would just consider it a typographic logo, but I may be wrong. Thoughts?

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    You're right. Unless there's an entire typeface with a full set of glyphs that have been compiled into an actual font, what you've just described is custom lettering for a logo.

    Most people (and many designers), it seems, think the word font is the name used for a bunch of letters that match. Instead, a font, in current computer nomenclature, is the file containing all the glyphs of a particular typeface variant, like Helvetica Bold or Myriad Light Italic.

    Back in the days of handset type, a font was all the characters of a particular size of a typeface; the caps were kept in the upper drawer of the case, and the small letters were kept in the lower drawer of the case. Twelve-point Baskerville Bold Italic, for example, would have been a different font from 11pt Baskerville Bold Italic. Each point size even had a different name. For example, 4pt type was called Brilliant, 5.5pt type was called Agate, 8pt type was called Brevier, etc. More than you wanted to know, but...


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