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How i can do this effect in my photo?

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  • How i can do this effect in my photo?

    Hi i'm a designer and i want to know how i can do this effect in my photo. I have the real photo. Anyone know how realize this effects?
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    I'm quite sure it's the result of a commercial Photoshop filter plus a little tweaking here and there. It seems I used to have a filter that would produce something very similar to what you posted, but I don't seem to have it loaded here at home.

    It's possible to get something like it in other ways. The following, for example, isn't exactly the same thing, and it's nothing special. Then again, I spent all of five minutes on it. With a little more work and experimentation using various other Photoshop tools, more could have been done.

    For what it's worth, I just pasted a relatively low-resolution image from Photoshop into Illustrator. Performed a low-fidelity image trace, which converted it into a vector file with reduced details and colors. Then I moved it back into Photoshop and duplicated the same image on a couple of layers. On the top layer, I used Photoshop 6's Stylize > Trace Contours filter, then reduced the saturation of that layer to zero. Then I choose the multiply feature for that layer and set its opacity to 33%, which let the layer below show through and added the subtle lines defining the edges of all the shapes.


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      LOL. I would have just opened the pic in Photoshop and ran it through Poster Edges.

      Obviously you cared more than I did!
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        Originally posted by eyoungren View Post
        Obviously you cared more than I did!
        No, I just forgot about the Poster Edge filter. That's definitely a better way to go about it, and it saved time. Using that filter, it only took about a minute.

        I typically seem to do everything the hard way.

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          Yes.Using Poster Edge filter in photoshop is great idea


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