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  • Thanks for the help!

    Hey guys i was here a while back asking for some help making a logo. You all were extremely helpful especially mod B who made a whole tutorial just to help. Just want you guys to know that your help might go farther than you think. With the new logo you guys helped me create we put them on t-shirts and sold them for a fundraiser. We made enough to buy much needed supplies for our team.
    Here's what the t-shirts looked like (wrinkly)
    Here is the link or the help thread
    I tried to post sooner but when i came back the forum was under maintenance. Anyways just a quick story and a big thanks to all of you!

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    I'm happy that it worked out for you. That's a good-looking t-shirt.


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      Nice. And props to B!
      I like to beat up pacifists, because they don't fight back ...

      N.A.N.K.A. "We Kick Because We Care."


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        Nice design of T-shirt. The combination of t-shirt color and logo colors are very much beautiful.

        And the credit goes to B !






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