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Green Pantone Colours and digital Printing

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  • Green Pantone Colours and digital Printing

    Hi Guys and Girls

    i'm new to this forum, so just wanted to introduce myself, I've been in the Graphic design game for over 20 year now and wanted to know if anyone can help me out with a little issue im having, (it's driving me mad) I have designed a website for for my Digital Marketing agency which I think looks great, the green is really bright and jumps off the page, however when I try to print anything the colours do not come out great, I know that I can use pantone colours which is not a problem, however the problem is i'm now looking to produce some pull up banners which need to be printed on a digital machine and out of CMYK. Does anyone know of any printing companies that might be able to help, I have my own print management company as well but would be great to no of anyone who has also come across this problem.

    If you click on my username you will be able to see the site, I'm new to this so dont want to get my post banned fot putting links.

    All help would be very well received. Thanks Guys and Girls

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    Hi Mooch and welcome to GDF.

    You can post screen shots of the site for feedback with no problems. We get twitchy when people post links to their site just to drive traffic to it, or ask us to go and follow them or add likes.

    We ask all new members to read very important links here and here. These explain the rules, how the forum runs and a few inside jokes. No, you haven't done anything wrong, we ask every new member to read them. Your first few posts will be moderated, so don't panic if they don't show up immediately. Enjoy your stay.
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      I wasn't able to find the link to the page to view the green, but I've been in print for quite some time, and I can imagine the pallet of greens which cant be rendered digitally. Unfortunately, if the prints MUST be printed CMYK, i'm afraid there's not much that can really be done. If it's out of the CMYK color gamut it's going to print a rather muddy, olive green color as apposed to what i'm envisioning as a bright lime green.

      Some wide format machines do have additional ink units (some 7 or 8 color units) that might be able to get you a bit closer. But I doubt render an exact match.

      Ultimately if you need to match that color you're going to have to find an offset or flexo printer that can print your PMS color. Which will be difficult and expensive, especially for a wide format job.


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        Originally posted by moochurdigital View Post
        ...the green is really bright and jumps off the page...
        That's one way to describe it. Another way would be "so bright it produces eye strain and hampers readability."

        ...which need to be printed on a digital machine and out of CMYK.
        That color simply can't happen in CMYK. A good operator with the right inks in a 6+-color inkjet might get close. Maybe.
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          Even an OGV machine would have trouble with eye-melting technicolor green.
          Does this green have a Pantone equivalent? You hint that it does. Any green represented on a website varies with the monitor viewing it.
          You need to start there before we can determine if the thing is out of gamut.

          One option we've used on board prints and vinyl hanging banners is to ask the design client to design the thing in question large enough so that the offending green can be done in vinyl sign lettering (and maybe some other elements so it looks like an intentional design consideration rather than a make-do option.) There are some florescents and fairly bright greens if you look at an actual swatch deck (well, several swatch decks as they are scattered across several different suppliers, Avery, 3M and Orafol being the big three.)

          Granted, I've never tried VSL on a rollup graphic (I don't print them and very rarely order them.) And VSL is a glossy finish in those greens. Wouldn't work on a dye sub fabric roll-up - won't stick, but might on one of the styrene or vinyl units if the VSL will stick to the inks (UV cured inks can be a problem.) Of course there is also the chance it'll just catch in the mouth and roll off inside the mechanism and make a royal mess too.

          This is a cost-plus option. Vinyl on print is a dual charge.
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            The green appears to be an ''ice'' green. Nowhere near as electric green as you imply.
            If you have a Pantone number, it can, more than likely, be hit in wide format.
            You will probably have to pay the minimal hand-match fee for it, and go to a shop that does that sort of custom matching (not some gang print CMYK-only online hackarama) but no major hassle should be encountered.
            Tell us the Pantone number and I can verify that.


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              Hi Guys thanks for coming back to me i'll dig out the pantone number, it comes up super bright on my screen ? is this classed as a Ice Green ?


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                The names of colors, like ice green, are just informal names, sort of like electric blue or golden sunset orange or whatever else the paint store marketers might name them.

                As for getting a "super bright" green, digital printing (depending on the number of inks the machine uses) has a larger color gamut than is possible in CMYK, so you might get a closer match. It's doubtful, though, that you'll ever get a close match for a "super bright" green from any kind of printing.

                I just looked at your website, and it's not quite as bright as your description lead me to think, so maybe, just possibly, you can get sort of a reasonable match with digital -- not with CMYK, though.


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                  Originally posted by B View Post
                  I just looked at your website, and it's not quite as bright as your description lead me to think...
                  No telling what it might look like on someone—err, anyone—else's screen.
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                    Its suppose to be more of a pantone 2271, which does not look no where near as close on the screen :-( Green is sure a hard colour to work with, why did I have to choose Green. Grrrrrrr


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                      Yeah, you are gonna have issues with 2271.
                      It's one of the brights.
                      Gonna totally depend on what you are printing on to see how close you get.






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