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  • Adobe and High Sierra

    A little avice for people using adobe products on a mac. For the moment there are some problems in InDesign and Illustrator (use of the gpu; cursor problems,!n i all versions of the adobe products. I don't know if Adobe is going to tackle them now or wait with the new updates that are expected end october or november. Hold your updates and also read the post of Printdriver on a new feature in Illustrator (cropping an image). Be patient

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    A further bit of advice that has worked for me, when software updates make a "jump" (in this case from 10.12 Sierra to 10.13 High Sierra) I usually wait until the first patch or even the second for bugs to be ironed out.
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      What Craig said.
      Do not make the immediate jump to new software on your production machinery.
      Apple and Adobe hate each other's guts, pretty much.
      I actually test updates on my home computer first before doing anything at work on the machines that bring in the money. And always after the first update patches are posted and checking the user complaints on both systems.
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      That crop tool is an instrument of the devil. A print vendor cannot help you if you use it wrong. You may end up resubmitting your file if you have the time, or you may just get what you get. I've experienced a few of them already and my prognosis in that other thread is pretty spot on.
      Link to other post:
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