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What is this called/other examples of this?

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  • What is this called/other examples of this?

    Hello! I'm attempting to create a sort of logo for a project I'm doing, and I have this idea in mind (see photos of my attempts). I want to do the thing where, for a multiple-word phrase, you have big caps and then the rest of the letters are much smaller, but they all stack on each other in an interesting way. I've also seen it where smaller words, like "on", are smaller and further stacked in. I've seen this done many other places but I cannot seem to find what it is called on Google nor any examples, but I really need some kind of example to work off of, because I'm not really sure how exactly to do this as you can probably tell from the picture. From my memory, when done well this normally looks much more interesting than my example, and may also use more words...

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    Originally posted by phuongtam View Post
    ...see photos of my attempts.
    It seems no photos are included. Perhaps you should try posting them again.


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      Hi Phuongtam and welcome to GDF.

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        Something like the Not Your Average Joe's logo?

        That kind of thing is based on a word collage.

        Bear in mind there is no easy button for this.
        It requires artistic input that a program isn't necessarily going to make right.






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