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How to make vertical lines wrap to text?

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  • How to make vertical lines wrap to text?

    How do I do what they did in the photo I attached? I can not figure it out or find any where that people explain. (Iím using illustrator)
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    Using Illustrator, first make the lines (rectangle shapes) with a drag-copy and repeat a few times (hard to explain, but easy to do). On top of the lines (a new layer could help), type the words. Copy the words and paste them behind the other words (again, a new layer could help). Then, with those words selected place a big, thick white stroke around them, which will block out the lines behind the stroke. Then clean up any holes that might show through.

    If you want to be tidy about the whole thing (always a good idea) you can outline the type, expand the strokes and combine the shapes with the pathfinder tools. For that matter you can even eliminated the hidden parts of the lines with the pathfinder tool. This will leave you with nothing but the lines and the letters with the negative, transparent space around them.


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      What B said will work, but people neglect the Illustrator Appearance palette way, way too much Ö instead of duplicating the words to add a stroke, just select your type and add a stroke in the appearance palette then drag the stroke layer (in the appearance palette), below the fill. Then it's all live, that way if you need to scale the text, or change the font, etc. the white thicker stroke you place on the text always stays behind and always matches.
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