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Designed a print inspired by letters my grandfathers wrote home from war

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  • Designed a print inspired by letters my grandfathers wrote home from war

    I designed this print with hand-drawn illustrations that I outline in illustrator.
    any and all CCs welcome and appreciated <-Print

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    Graphic design is about conveying a message.
    Your art is illustrative and means something to you and to you alone as only you have read your grandfather's letters.

    If perhaps you were to do a book that included the letters from your grandfather, illuminated with the artwork you have here, that might be considered more Graphic Design.

    At some point I would question whether or not converting hand art to Illustrator derived art makes it 'better.' For letters from wartime, I'm guessing Illustrator might not have existed at the time and makes it a rather strange pairing.
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      love the CC.. disagree with the design/art argument, however. I got some good feedback from vets and people currently serving who it really spoke to in regards to what they are experiencing. so maybe the message just doesn't work for you because your not the audience?

      I love your suggestion about the hand illustrated converted in illustrator! This is really making me think man! Looking at it now I agree!

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    Your work is beautiful! now seeing this work my curious mind wants to know that what your grandfather wrote home from war in letter?

    No need to show, if its too personal. just curious mind's question.






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