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The right logo color for a video production company!

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  • The right logo color for a video production company!


    I'm working on a logo for a video production company. They're okay with the symbol and typo I've made. And now it's time to pick a color palette, hence my concern!

    According to the CEO, the "values" of the company are: Creativity, Innovation, Positivity, Sophistication, and Perfection. And he's looking for something vintage.
    First of all, I suggested to keep the logo simply in black and white, just like some Hollywood's old companies. But they weren't excited about it, and they don't want a black and white corporate identity...
    The best idea I've for now is Blue peacock (teal as main color) with Yellow.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Blue & Yellow.jpg
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    What do you think about it? And do you have any suggestions (except Red and Black)?

    Thank you very much!

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      Is the logo the two-color bar you've shown?
      What are the two Pantone callouts for those colors as they aren't really Teal and Yellow.
      Without seeing them in use, it is sort of hard to tell if the two colors are going to work together or if they are going to visually clash into a nausea-inducing mess.
      In what way is teal and yellow equal to perfection? Perfection would be more like Teal and Orange (opposites on the color wheel) but teal and orange pretty much says Pharmaceutical these days.


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        I would suggest looking more into the combination between blue/turquoise and white. It gives the vibes of the values you mentioned above. At least I see it like that when I read the description.


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          I'm guessing the two-color rectangle isn't the logo, so all you seem to be asking is whether the colors work, right?
          The clients are, from what you've written, fussy about colors (meaning they have their own ideas about what works and doesn't). You also mentioned they wanted two seemingly mutually exclusive things: vintage and innovation. The colors you've come up with don't have the emotional quality associated with high-tech, and, I suppose, they have a vintage look to them, of sorts. It makes it even more difficult without seeing how you've used those colors.

          In other words, there's really no way to answer your question. It sounds like it pretty much comes down to whether or not your clients like the colors, which is nothing more than guesswork. Why don't you just color the logo several different ways and let them choose which colors they like?






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