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  • Charge or do not charge?


    If my friend runs a business and his logo is outdated so if I refresh his logo and help him on some concept of his business should I charge him or not?

    Is there such a thing as 'mates rates' in the creative industry?

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    Is your friend asking you to refresh his logo, or are you doing it 'on your own'?
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    • Clipping shop
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      he hasn't told me to do this..i told him that his logo is outdated and he gave me permission to do this.

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    You should not ever work for free.*

    If you give away your time, effort, and expertise as though they have no value, then they will...have no value. That doesn't mean you have to take your friend's money, but perhaps his business offers products or services that may benefit you. When businesses barter for mutual support of each other, it's healthy commerce.

    *I'd say it's fine to do so in a case where you choose to donate your services to a cause you deem worthy. Make it official and on the record. Don't do informal favors.
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      HB is right. Always Charge. Customer supplies a file without a bleed? Charge to set it up.
      Need to add one line of type? Charge.

      Certainly charge for a logo redesign or "touch up"

      If he's a close friend - maybe he can buy you some beers. Payment accepted!


      • Clipping shop
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        yea..thats a good idea thanks

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      Never work for free. Even if your payment is a trade of services, charge something. If you don't believe your time and expertise are worth anything, no one else will, either.
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        Originally posted by Clipping shop View Post
        Is there such a thing as 'mates rates' in the creative industry?
        I know some designers have what they've called a "friends and family" rate, which is a bit of a discount.

        As for free, my opinion is that parents and children might warrant it with no strings attached. Brothers and sisters, um, maybe, but there would be strings. Extended relatives and friends, depending on a zillion variables, might or might not get a discount. Worthwhile charities might warrant discounts too, if you feel strongly enough about them. Everyone else gets charged the full rate.


        • Obsidian86
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          That's a pretty good break-down. Wait until my wife gets the bill I just sent out for the flour container label that I designed for her.

        • B
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          Oh, yeah, spouses. I forgot about them. That a whole other subject.

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        Originally posted by HotButton View Post
        You should not ever work for free.*
        i have asked this question only for this quote.


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          Its all about your decision. You can work for free or pay charge and its all depend on the bond of relation between both of you,






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