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    I'm a UX Designer considering a job doing UX, but with the title "Associate Director Digital Media". Would this title hurt me down the road if I were to apply to other design jobs?

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    Titles mean nothing any more. When little Johnny's mummy and daddy are calling his boss after 6 months wondering why little Johnny hasn't been promoted yet, job titles tend to get created. (No joke. I've had business associates tell me they have done this, because it does happen.)

    It's all about the skills you list under that job title and what you can bring to the table.

    Would you consider turning down the job because of the title? Are you absolutely positive the job is ''doing UX?'' Or does it encompass a wider variety of responsibilities that fall under ''Digital Media''?


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      Hi Virindi and welcome to GDF.

      I agree with PD, job titles differ from one place to another now. The word associate could mean you're a junior-level designer, or it could mean you're a partner in a business. I worked at a place once that had no clue. They asked me what my title should be. I was thisclose to getting business cards with "Grand Poobah of Design" on them. True story.

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