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Stupid question about aligning type

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  • Stupid question about aligning type

    So, I finally have to give in and ask this.

    Other than outlining the text, is there any way to perfectly align an active text box?

    How do you properly align a text box? If you double click the handle and make a closed in, scalable box, there is still weird spaces (I'm guessing because of kerning?) on the sides. So the actual type does not properly align.

    Especially up and down. Technically I can center/paragraph which makes it easier to align left to right.

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    It would help to know what application you're asking about.
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      Originally posted by HotButton View Post
      It would help to know what application you're asking about.
      Sorry. Illustrator. Shouldn't have assumed.


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        Go to Type menu > Optical Alignment. If that doesn't adjust it enough, the best solution is to just drag out your type box a point or two. There's not really a way to perfectly align the edges of the lines of type since all the glyphs are shaped differently.

        The extra space you're referring to results from the sidebearings built into most every glyph in the font, which is different from the kerning used to adjust spacing between individual glyph pairs.


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          You can also "hang" your punctuation, most notably quotation marks.
          But I don't know if Illustrator has that capability. At least not as easy as in InDesign.






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