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What specifications of PC laptop should I buy for design jobs?

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  • What specifications of PC laptop should I buy for design jobs?

    Hi all,

    I am a novice in design. I need to use Photoshop, Illustrator or maybe some movie/sound editing software as well.

    I need a new laptop. Probably 13 or 15inch. Can anyone advise if I need an i7 or i5 is enough?

    Do I need a separate graphics card? I understand that 13 inch might not come with separate graphics card but it is easier to carry around.

    My budget is a little tight though.


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      if you are going to be doing movies and sound, opt for the better processor and all the Ram you can afford. Laptops these days aren't making ram replacement easy. Sometimes it's even soldered in at the factory and can't be swapped out. I'd recommend at least 32 gigs of ram.

      You also might want to consider the largest ssd drive you can afford as well. 250gigs isn't going to cut it. I have trouble with a 500gig SSD and I don't have all my work files on my machine. Those are kept on a server. If you add games and music to the clutter on your machine, you are gonna be wishing for a larger hard drive real quick.


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        Originally posted by pencil_ View Post
        My budget is a little tight though.
        What PrintDriver said, is accurate for pro-level work. However, since you're on a budget, you can get by with less.

        Editing video with 16GB of RAM is doable without too much pain, unless you're editing lots of ultra-high-definition materials. Traditional, spinning-platter hard drives, instead of SSDs, are cheaper and hold more data, but the transfer rate to and from them is a bit slower. Again, though, if you're on a budget, an SSD vs. a hard drive isn't at all a deal-breaker. Even a smaller internal SSD coupled with an external hard drive can work fine as long as you have a high-speed connection between the external drive and your computer.

        If what you're working in is primarily Photoshop and Illustrator, you could even get by with 8GB of RAM, but your machine will bog down if you have more than a two or three applications open. Lot's of people do it, though, but it's not ideal.






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