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Illustrator / Photoshop colour and print question

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  • Illustrator / Photoshop colour and print question

    Hello all,

    I have a quick question if someone can help please? I have previously imported some vector graphics and printed them in a 'Gold' effect (which came out fine). I have now tried to replicate the details of the Photoshop file to Illustrator, but when I attempt to print (with the same hex values as Photoshop), the file prints to a Green shade.

    On screen they both seem to look fine - it is only when I send to print I seem to be getting the issue.

    The color handling on Photoshop shows as 'Printer Manages Colors' and on Illustrator, under 'Color Management' in the print menu, I can only select 'Let Illustrator determine colors'.

    Would anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,


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    What version Photoshop and what version illustrator?

    Check to see if your photoshop file is RGB.
    Check to see if your Illustrator is CMYK.

    You cannot just toggle back and forth in Illustrator. If your Illustrator file is CMYK (which is the default,) you have to start over with your Color space changed to RGB before beginning.
    Then realize that your printer prints in CMYK. You still may not get the same values unless your profiles match between Illustrator and Photoshop. Those you can change after the fact if necessary, but it would be better to check before starting. If using CC, you can sync color profiles across programs.

    Printing with Hex values.......sigh.....


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      There's a good chance Photoshop is in it's default RGB color profile and Illustrator in it's CMYK Profile.
      And PrintDriver is correct when he states you must start over in the correct profile - as once the color conversion is made, toggling to the correct profile will have no effect on the piece.

      There's also a pretty good chance that these Hex colors may not even be in your printers color gamut to begin with. In which case you're out of luck.
      I wouldn't mind taking a look at what you're working on, so I can give you some better advice on what your options are.






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