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Business Proposals - New, Modern, Digital Look

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  • Business Proposals - New, Modern, Digital Look

    Dear community,

    I need to design new look and feel of business proposals which are very tech-heavy contentwise. The new design needs to be very modern and digital. The business proposals have similar structure (executive summary, described approach, timeline, risks, references to other similar project, team overview etc.)
    For the next phase I need to show some of my ideas by comparing the old look with the new, modern look.

    I just do not have any clue where to start, and how I should demonstrate this so I can convince my client.
    Can you please give me some guidelines, recommend some easy tools I can use and just point me in the right direction?

    Kind regards,

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    Hi Cartessius and welcome to GDF.

    Is this a school/class assignment, or a paying job?

    We ask all new members to read very important links here and here. These explain the rules, how the forum runs and a few inside jokes. No, you haven't done anything wrong, we ask every new member to read them. Your first few posts will be moderated, so don't panic if they don't show up immediately. Enjoy your stay.
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      This is paid assignment.


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        I just do not have any clue where to start, and how I should demonstrate this so I can convince my client.
        If you can't convince your client, how do you intend to convince your client's customers???
        You are asking for some pretty serious creative help on a paying gig, help you want for free.
        Are you looking to outsource the work to someone else for pay?

        Because there is some work involved.
        For instance, when you say these new proposals ''need to be very modern and digital'' are you saying they are online presentations (pdf or otherwise), or recipient downloads, or printed and mailed by the office staff/dedicated print vendor? Or even all of the above?

        Changing up a company's marketing isn't just a matter of changing up the look of one piece of it and making it pretty. There is research involved in the who/what/why and where of the company's current marketing and the direction they intend to go, often compared to their competiton because your client is probably not submitting proposals without competition, and tying the business proposal into the current look of the company's branding. All that is going to be a major part of your presentation.

        As for how to show old look to new, that all depends on the end product and your mode of presentation. Is this in person? Online? What presentation tools are you familiar with? There are no ''easy tools.'' Graphic Design is a profession where 'easy' comes with many years of practice.

        Bonne chance.
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