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  • Wallpaper Effect Over Text

    I'm an intermediate PS user at best. Can one of the experts here tell me how this is accomplished where the effect is overlayed on top of the text?

    Click image for larger version

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    I believe the text is overlaid on top of a texture. The text is transparent. I was going to say multiplied, but you can't multiply with black.
    If this were done correctly, there would be irregularities to the edges of the letterforms where they go over the ripples.
    If you want to see what this should really look like, print that out on some tissue paper and do a sloppy decoupage on a piece of plastic sheet.

    Here's a random example of what these letters would do when going over wrinkles.
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      I would do the wrinkles as a layer on top of the text and then apply Multiply / Screen / Hard Light (whichever works best).

      There are pics available to download (you might have to pay) like this one ;
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          What PD said about irregularities. If you want to really have your text be "affected" by the texture, you'll want to mess with displacement maps.
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