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  • Courses to learn how to make installation instructions

    I already have a good level about PS and AI but i'm not sure which is the best way to do it (with the pen tool I guess) . I need to know how to design instructions like in the attached file
    Thanks in advance for your help

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    Okay...not seeing anything attached. In any case, a couple points...
    • Assuming by "PS" you mean Photoshop...that's a raster image editor, so if the instructions will contain raster images (as opposed to being raster images), a solid foundation in Photoshop will help, but you can't use it to produce documents. (There are many approaches to technical documents; most of them employ text and vector graphics. I design installation/operation instructions and market-facing product specification documents for a living, and my Adobe app mix is something like 60% InDesign, 35% Illustrator, 5% Photoshop. Other technical document workflows may incorporate a considerably higher mix of raster images, but even in those scenarios, Photoshop is a contributory tool to a page layout platform.)
    • There may be courses, but I've never seen one. Designing instructions is a specialty that requires a different mindset than most graphic design disciplines, and the approach is dictated by the nature of the product and its market. Installation instructions aimed at commercial installers (tradespeople) are very different from those intended for consumers, and the technical savvy required to properly and safely install the product must constantly be measured and re-measured. In most cases, the "audience" has already bought the product, and the instructions you design are integral to their experience with the product. In other words, the business objectives chased by the technical publisher can vary widely, and are somewhat more indirect than most marketing-oriented graphic design, while applying very specifically to the given product. It's hard to imagine a generalized course preparing you well.
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