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my first large graphic design project (24" x 36")

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  • my first large graphic design project (24" x 36")

    I would like to create a large piece of artwork for my living room. Normally, when I create a graphic I print the draft to make sure I am happy with the design. Printing a 24" x 36" design is really expensive.
    How will I know if the design will print well without spending a ton of money printing a draft?

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    What are you having it printed on?
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      Well, for a draft you can print it out as "tiles" and piece it together to see how it looks.
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        What Craig said. Print in tiles and tape it together. Costs you 12 pieces of paper, some ink and some tape.

        24" x 36" is neither very large nor very expensive. You can have it printed at any quicky printy place like Staples or FedexKinkos on plain paper for a few bucks. You need to pick up the phone though and discuss details if you just want a draft mode print. Online pricing is for quality mode.


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          Your proof print doesn't necessarily have to be full size either. Keep the items proportions and maybe try a test print on 12x18 or 13x19. Keep in mind the hardware will be different than the wide format printer used to run the actual piece. But you'll get a general idea of how the piece will look.

          And PrintDriver is right, you can find 24x36in posters just about anywhere these days. They're not terribly expensive.


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            For a newb, I'd highly suggest tiling at least a section at full scale. Often times, the resolution on the monitor is no indication of what the resolution will be in print at full scale. I make that phone call asking if they really want that jpg printed at 1000% at that resolution at least 3 or 4 times a month.






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