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auto layout and import of trivia content from excel to indesign

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  • auto layout and import of trivia content from excel to indesign

    Hi all,

    So I have an excel doc with hundreds of trivia questions and answers.

    I then have an indesign doc, where I have set up 400 or so pages, even numbers are question cards, with space for 5 questions on each card, odd numbers are answer cards with space for the 5 corresponding answers.

    I'm sure there is a way to automate the layout of the questions and answers from my excel doc to indesign, or I've got a lot of copy and pasting to do!

    I tried Merge Data, but you can only merge multiple records (q's or a's or cells) in a 1 page doc. I have to keep each card as a separate page though as that's how I've been asked to provide it for print.

    I also couldn't get it to do one cell or record and then the next, I just had the same cell being repeated for q1, q2, q3 etc so I had the same question 5 times on the card. I could switch between questions but it would still change all the questions to the same one.

    Any suggestions or another way or doing this? Preferably without downloading any extra plug ins or scripts.


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    So, Merge Data is the right approach.

    But you'll be doing separate mail merges for questions and answers.

    1. Set up your Question document select your data source and enter your one question on the page.
    2. Choose Create Merged Document
    3. Select Multiple Records and adjust your multiple record margins and spacing as needed.
    4. Run Merge Data.
    5. Voila Multiple pages of 5 questions each.

    Do the same for your answers.

    Have your printer impose the two so the questions are on one side and your answers are on the other.
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