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Help me explaining my job in my portfolio!

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  • Help me explaining my job in my portfolio!


    I am a French designer working for a Turkish company (in turkey).
    I am now currently working on my updated portfolio because my main goal is QUIT !! The working conditions in this company are simply miserable and they abuse the workers.
    Anyways... This is another topic, here's where I need your help guys:

    This company makes nursery furniture and I initially entered this company as a textile designer, to make a baby clothing collection.
    Very quickly, they actually started to *literally* use me for every single project they were working on

    So i was basically working on:
    - The visuals for their social media account
    - Taking care of updating all the website photos
    - Create nursery renders for the customers (with styling, trend research etc)
    - Design all the catalogues, brochures etc
    - Create styled boards in prevision on photoshoot
    - Design some extra accessories such as wall stickers and posters
    - Also of course i designed the textile collection (the print AND the pieces of clothing)

    My question is: how can I present all this mess and these different jobs in a professional way ?
    I feel like it's a negative thing to do so many differents tasks in a company...

    I am in a middle of a serious burn out because of this job and I can't seem to see clear or have an objective opinion on the matter...
    Thank you so much in advance for taking the time to read and help me !

    Have a great day guys !
    - Léa

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    I think what you described is fairly typical of most jobs. I'm not saying it's identical but I do web design, email design, interactive apps, collateral, booth graphics, signage, posters, advertising, some minor video editing, infographics, etc. Everything you listed is a positive.

    In your portfolio you can play up how your multi-faceted and able to carry over branding and themes and ideas across everything from web, print, textiles, etc.

    Work up the "campaign" aspect. Where you design all of the pieces that work together for a single purpose, message, etc.
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      HI, what about one portfolio page made with internal tabs with description of every service (in every tab) and few exaples too?



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