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Only using an iPad for professional design work for past month

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  • Only using an iPad for professional design work for past month

    About a month ago I decided to challange myself and only do my professional design work on the iPad and not computer. To my surprise it’s quite capable and basically all I do in photoshop on a daily basis can be handeled in affinity photo. Light coding is doable but anything complicated is better served on a desktop in my experience.

    Interestingly I’m also able to work on Photoshop and Illustrator on the ipad using VNC software. Iím actually able to copy and paste vector art from Illustrator directly into affinity photo all on the iPad. More complicated vector artwork doesnt seem to paste correclty into photo though (probably because photo can’t handle some of the things created in illustrator).

    So after a month here are my pros and cons:

    Feels less like work than when i’m on the desktop.
    Feels more like an artists tool than a computer.
    I can work from anywhere. I easily and comfortably completed a graphic design assignment in photo while waiting for a dr. appointment. I know laptops are marketed as being portable but the ipad has an almost not even there quality like someone using a phone in public as opposed to a laptop.
    Getting to the point where theres no novelty or tradeoffs in using it for work, feels like a professional design tool and not just a media consumption device.
    Its fast and smooth even with dozens of programs open, browser with countless tabs, etc. Amazingly stable too.

    The screen can feel really small at times. I have the 10.5 and will likely be getting the 12 next time.
    Affinity Photo as great as it is still has some bugs that can drive you crazy. For instance, tapping on an object and tryng to move it instead stretches the image, etc.
    VNC is really cool but using photoshop you dont get brush sensitivity and is not as easy to paint as using photoshop directly from a pc.
    Text manipulation and input in general on the ipad is terrible as in trying to select text to copy, etc.

    FYI I own a Macbook Pro late 2013 and a Surface Pro 3.

    Has anyone else been using their ipad as a main computer for intensive design work? If so, what are your experinces like? Mine has almost paid for itself.
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    That's really interesting that you've made it work for you. I can't even imagine doing the same. No physical keyboard, no mouse, lack of appropriate software and a little, tiny display add up to a non-starter when it comes to design work for me. I can't seem to work efficiently without two 27-30" monitors in front of me. Again though, if you've managed to learn do without these things, that's great and sort of amazing.


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      I almost stopped at the part about pasting vector artwork into AP...

      The things you describe as cons, are all taking up time. With design, time is money, and while working on an iPad may be cool and all, if you can't do your work efficiently because of its failings, it's time to reconsider your future business needs. Or the alternative, restricting your designs to what the iPad can do. Often not the best option.






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