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Anyone know how to make this shape?

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  • Anyone know how to make this shape?

    Been attempting to replicate the shape of the icon design on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

    I can't quite get the roundness on the edges in Illustrator.

    I've attached what the shape should look like and my attempts at that shape.

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    They're easily made with the circle tool. Just draw a circle, then pull out both control points (handles) on each of the four anchor points.


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      Hmmm...thought a square-to-circle blend might produce a useful intermediate step, but the results are surprisingly non-uniform.
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        Yeah I was initially trying the square to circle, but that's how I got my results above.

        @B The circle and anchor points help. After several attempts of playing around with the handles I got close to the shape I wanted. I just wish there was an easier way to reproduce this shape to ensure all my edges have the same curvature.


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          Originally posted by calebninja View Post
          I just wish there was an easier way to reproduce this shape to ensure all my edges have the same curvature.
          I can think of two ways to do that:

          1. Activate the window's side rulers, then drag out guidelines. Drag the control handle points to match up with the guidelines.

          2. Draw the circle, then drag out the handles on one quadrant to get it just how you want it to be. Delete the other three quadrants, then vertically flop/copy the remaining quadrant, then merge the two quadrants together. Then horizontally flop/copy that and merge them. Do that and each of the four quadrant will have identical curves.


          • calebninja
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            Thanks for the help.

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          There are always several ways to do things in Illustrator.
          Not that I like trusting Smart Guides too much, there is only so much you can do without drafting tools.
          Here's another method (If you want a squarer version, you can enlarge the size of the square as long as it stays centered.:
          Click image for larger version

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          • B
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          Yes there are several ways. This way might be quicker:

          1) Draw a square to the outer edge size you want.
          2) Filter > Stylize > Round Corners.
          3) Set the corner radius to whatever matches closest.

          If it's not close enough on the first attempt, undo and repeat steps 2 and 3.


          • calebninja
            calebninja commented
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            Thanks. I tried that and also used the direct selection tool to bring in the corners of a square. The black and white picture in my initial post were my results when trying those methods. The square didn't get round enough on the edges, but I did what B suggested and it worked.

          • designzombie
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            OIC. It's a more gradual curve because it uses only 1 node instead of 2 per side. The difference is subtle.

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          Digital, simply use Border Property CSS


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            okay, this takes all the fun out of it.
            Make a rounded rectangle and go to Effects>Warp>Inflate.


            • designzombie
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              Cool! It uses 8 points, but it looks the same to me and is easier to adjust.

              I knew there had to be a way without touching the control points. I avoid doing that as much as possible when aiming for perfect symmetry.

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            For what it's worth, a shape like this one is apparently called a squircle (at least by Wikipedia).



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              I wonder if smartphone companies will ever move to triangles for their icons. Heh, that'd be fun now wouldn't it? /sarcasm


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                There are some shape like this in MS Powerpoint and also Photoshop will work.






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