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  • designing container packaging

    I am working on my first ever packaging project... and I'm stuck. If I was doing a box, there are flat templates, but I can't find any for plastic containers. How do you account for the curved edges and tapering of size? Any help would be incredibly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Packaging software will do this for you with max/min dimensions.
    You won't find templates because not all tapered stuff has the same dimensions, let alone the same label placement.

    If you are working on a bottle type thing and don't have the software, what we still do for things like windshields would apply. We use tin foil. Lay it on there. Make sure it accurately conforms to the window, then take it off and lay it flat. For a windshield we'd put a measuring stick next to it and photograph it flat (no keystoning.) Then trace it in Illustrator, print a paper template to double check, then go for it.
    For a bottle type thing we'd toss it on the scanner, because we still have one of those, with a scale rule, then trace it in Illustrator, do a paper template to check it, then go for it.


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      Thanks so much PrintDriver. That's a great idea.





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