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Looking for the graphic designer of a certain graphic

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  • Looking for the graphic designer of a certain graphic

    Hello, I just signed because I would like to find out who the graphic designer of this file is:

    Is it possible to find that out, are there special websites for that? Does maybe anyone of you know him/her? Also I would like to know if this graphic is a part of a larger series, the style appeals to me a lot.

    thank you

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    The image you posted is stock art from Shutterstock. It was created by someone in Russia who uploads his or her work under the name "Your Design." I have no idea how you might contact this person.


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      Took a little doing but the artist is
      Dmitriy Shpilko (123RF identifies dr911 as Dmitriy.)
      You might try Facebook....maybe? I don't know.
      Good luck.

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        Google's reverse photo is a good website if you have an image and want to know the likely source in future. Quicker than here but far less social


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          The problem with reverse lookup on Google (and I use it often) is that if the stock image is as popular as this one, you aren't going to get an answer easily. I can't begin to tell you how much I hate multiple pins on Pinterest. Sometimes though, just sometimes, if you look at the source info on the image on the first couple websites, the website developer has left the stock site number in the image name. This ladder cloud image returned over 10 pages of google image search results and the first stock hit was on about page 5 or 6. But the artist's name was on the first page on the third or forth image I clicked for info.

          Then there is the issue of publishing stuff on stock sites under an alias. I had to go to 3 sites before the artist was identified.
          If someone is trying that hard to stay anonymous, I don't push it. If the only contact appears to be a Face/twitter account, I stop trying. If Flickr, I'll give them one chance and 5 days to reply, but most people don't know to check their Flickr contacts. I had someone reply nearly a year after a project had closed wondering if the money offer was still available.... Others just don't believe you. A professional illustrator/photographer would have a dedicated website so you could contact them.

          This guy has a shutterstock account under the name dr911
          How does this look for a photo credit under an image?
          dr911 /
          Yeah............clients love that.
          <Not so much>
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              wow PrintDriver nice research!!


              • PrintDriver
                PrintDriver commented
                Editing a comment
                I'm a creature of necessity. A lot of times the end client will want an actual signed release and a real photo credit, so you have to attempt to find the artist.
                Love doing image research for projects. The internet is a great tool for that. It didn't use to be so easy.





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