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    Hello designers,

    I'm starting to design again my personal logo and I need a feedback about it. Yesterday I've opened Illustrator and started doing something simple (without a pre-sketched idea), I want a logo that works for my both illustrator and designer sides. So I did this idea that you see, it's simple and I think it can works as a stamp or stencil (img2) for my art box deliveries.
    About the name, I'm not really sure about whether using it or not yet, my name is Rubens but pronounced "Whobens" it's a joke some of my friends made, but I think it's cool and somehow original like a pseudonym, imagine googling "Whobens Design" or "Whobens Illustrator". And making a pun with words with "Who", which sounds like a question I made the exclamation mark with some elements that we designers and illustrators work with, the pen tool and the brush.
    But the question is, I don't really have a background concept for this logo. And I don't wanna sound like I am a designer with a doubt about my work or make the clients feel they are in doubt about hiring me or not.
    What do you think about it ? I think I'm gonna post later my first logo idea, which has a good concept behind it but I think would work better just for my designer side.
    personal-logo img2





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