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Vector art?

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  • Vector art?

    Is it possible to create something like this using a typical photo?
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    Short answer? Yes.
    Except for possibly the paper grain texture. That wouldn't work so well in vector art, but could probably be done.
    As for the paint-by-number look, sure vector all day.
    Ask yourself, ''why?'' If the answer is appropriate, then go for it.

    I've mentioned on here many times of the fail I saw on a highway billboard once where someone had created a live trace from a photo of a person's face and blew it up large (probably because the photo didn't have the resolution to go that large.) At billboard size it looked like a really really lame paint by number. It was down the next day (before i could get back there with a camera) and I'm betting that designer was out-of-pocket paying for about $5K in print and install for a blown design. It was very probably an expensive mistake.


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      Yes, sort of, but it's not well-suited for the watercolor look of what you posted. And a "typical" photo, as you put it, will not work as well as a carefully selected photo.

      If you're looking for an automated way of producing that kind of thing as vector art, you'll run into problems too. There are various filters and procedures in Adobe Illustrator, like posterization and live tracing, that simulate this kind of an effect to an extent, and there are various plugins you can buy that might even get you closer. Doing it well, however, requires lots of work by hand and artistic judgment, which is something software algorithms don't have.


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        I'll be honest. This was sold as a "painting". An oil on canvas. My wife (who loves Sinatra) had bought it as an original, and I was upset. I remember doing this in trade school where we'd take a photo, export it into Flash, and get a similar result. So basically what I'm out to do is call this guy out as a fraud and get my money back.


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          I think your reasoning is off if the painting actually was done by hand. There was obviously artistic judgment involved in the painting that a computer algorithm could not make.

          Anyway, whatever process the artist used to create the art is part of that artist's creative process. Chuck Close, for example (a very highly considered, famous and influential painter) literally copied photos to make them look exactly like the photos he was copying. That was his technique, and the photorealism was his art. You can't label a fine artist a fraud just because whatever technique they used to produce the art isn't to your liking. Andy Warhol is another good example. He often produced dozens of versions of exactly the same thing using all kinds of shortcut techniques, yet his work is worth millions of dollars.

          The only way the work is fraudulent is if the artist somehow misrepresented the art as being something its not, as in, for example, selling your wife a reproduction and labeling it an original. If the artist used a computer to help him layout the painting, that's no more fraudulent than him having also used the work of a camera on which to base the painting. On the other hand, if it is just a print and the artist sold it to your wife saying it was an actual oil painting, well, that is fraud, but I'm not quite sure how a print could be mistaken for an original oil painting.

          Personally, even if it is an original painting, I wouldn't have purchased it because, well, it's just sort of horsey and might be best described as kitch (that's just my reaction, but everyone's tastes are different). Despite me not especially liking it, I wouldn't label it fraudulent if it is actually a real oil painting. And I don't think you can make a realistic argument that the painter should refund your wife's money because a computer could have produced something that looked sort of similar.
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            Well said. Thanks for putting things into perspective Mr. B.


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              This it?
              If it's an oil on canvas, as B said, there is no fraud involved.


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