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Is Instagram a useful marketing tool for graphic designers?

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  • Is Instagram a useful marketing tool for graphic designers?

    I'm pondering whether to include Instagram as a marketing tool.

    I dislike that it doesn't allow uploads from desktop/laptop, and although I know there are workarounds, I don't know whether it's worth the extra effort.

    Have other designers found it useful for getting work or clients?


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    Hi Docpixel and welcome to GDF.

    I think Instagram can work as a marketing tool, but - as with any other tool - you have to put the time in for it to be successful.

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      ...and, it depends on whether it offers exposure to your target market(s).
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        Just about anything today is a potential marketing tool.
        It's all about ROI.
        If exposure to a potential market results in sales that exceed the cost of the work you have to do to get that exposure, then you get a return on your investment. It would be a waste of time and money if you are not connecting with enough demographic to offset your expenses.

        As for the ''extra effort'', it's all in a days work. That's why they call it work. Sometimes it takes a bit of effort, just maybe a little bit, in order to realize a potential gain.
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          Guys, your responses are right on, thank you. My target market (print design) is probably not going to find me on Instagram. So it's not worth the time and effort as a designer at this point.

          However, I'm planning to promote (1) watercolor illustration and (2) an Etsy store for cabochon and pendant jewelry. Both of these will benefit from that exposure. Maybe by then Instagram will add desktop uploading, and if not, there are some workarounds.

          Thanks again!


          • KitchWitch
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            I've got an Etsy shop and promote my stuff on Instagram. Photos are never as nice via the phone, so sometimes I take a photo of my monitor with the listing showing. *shrug* You never know.

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          Yes, It useful if done with a great strategy and goals in mind. Marketing your graphics skills in graphic skill group may not get you that much in return until & unless you manage to reach potential buyers.


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            Instagram is a great marketing tool if you can do the right use. You need to define an audience first and create amazing graphic works for them. You may use some of these marketing apps to get better exposure.


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              Kitchwitch, I learned a way to upload directly from the desktop.
              • Chrome browser
              • Right click to Inspect
              • On left, select Responsive
              • Refresh window
              Now it thinks you're on a phone, and you can upload. Isn't that clever?


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                Yes, Instagram is a great marketing tool. You can take the snapshot of your design and share it on Instagram, it will visible to your followers and other visitors. People will appreciate your work.


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                  Instagram is believed to be a great marketing tool but you should make sure that it may be useful for your niche. What I'd suggest first of all is to look for accounts of other designers. Try to search for them using relevant hashtags, see what they are posting and how many followers do they have. Also, pay particular attention to their bio as it is usually the place with some promotional link.

                  After you've done this, you can try and plan your own Instagram strategy. I'm interested in Instagram very much and I read about it a lot. So the most important thing is to do it regularly. If you are not sure that you'll be able to post at least few times a week, it may be of no use to start Insta account at all. If you are ok with that, you may choose whatever strategy you like - but make sure (again) that you are active. Participate in conversations, comment other posts, use hashtags etc.






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