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Do hyperlinks in InDesign suck, or am I just an idiot?

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  • Do hyperlinks in InDesign suck, or am I just an idiot?

    I cannot for the life of my get my hyperlink to work!

    I've created a document in Indesign. Within the document I converted a text box and a shape to a button. I used window>interactive>hyperlink to create a hyperlink for the two buttons. I exported the pdf as an interactive pdf. When I view the pdf my cursor changes when hovering over the buttons, prompting me to click. However, when I click nothing happens.

    I went back into the document and noticed the links were not turned on, so I turned them on and tried again. Yet again the same result, cursor changes but the links take me nowhere. I double checked the links and tested them within the InDesign file, and they worked just fine.

    I went ahead and removed the buttons and just converted a line of text to a hyperlink. Once I viewed my pdf again my cursor changed and was a bit different than the previous times. I clicked the link and a warning box popped up asking for my permission to access the link. I was excited and clicked yes! But, yet again, nothing happened. I clicked the link again and realized the path it was trying to take me to was a local path on my computer. I am not sure why this path changed as I went back into InDesign and the URL was still what I had set it to.

    Can anyone please help me get this stupid hyperlink to link to a URL?

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    I just emailed the pdf to my boss and it is trying to access the same local path except on his computer. Seems to be trying to access the user temp files for some reason.


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      Never mind, I am an idiot. There was a checkbox in the edit hyperlink menu that says "Shared Destination". This box was automatically checked and what was causing the issue. I researched this problem for over an hour this morning!!

      Well, anyway, hope everyone has a great Friday.


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        Originally posted by calebninja View Post
        I am an idiot.
        Hmmm...I don't think any of us ever noticed. Welcome to the club!

        I'd rather be killed than come to your party, but if you don't invite me, I'll kill myself.


        • calebninja
          calebninja commented
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          It's an honor!





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