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to go from digital to slide.... that is the question....

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  • to go from digital to slide.... that is the question....

    is it possible to make slides from digital files? I would really like to do this of rmy work
    instead of taking slides of my design work...

    what do you guys think? im trying to get slodes and digital files of my design and photography work...

    i'll attempt to put up some photo work at a later time...

    also- why would call me about my portfolio online that i made (mine has no cost or fee...only 5 pieces)

    Thanks guys!

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    slides of digital files?? hmmm well you could always have em shot by camera, then converted to slides., no clue mang, ask there tech support why they are calling you.

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      Yeah, sure you can.
      Ya have to find a lab that has a filmwriter. Do it all the time.
      You need a really good digital cam though. 5 or 6 megapixel or they can do it direct from Photoshop, Illustrator, even done them from <gasp> Powerpoint.

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