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Trouble with opening EPS?

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  • Trouble with opening EPS?

    Hey, can someone tell me why I can't open a certain eps file, it keeps giving me this message in Photoshop "because the parser module cannot parse the file" and Macromedia Freehand and Adobe Illustrator won't open it either??

    I'm using a PC is perhaps a MAC eps?

    Any help appreciated!?


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    I doubt it's a mac/pc thing, most "design" files are compatible cross-platforms.

    What version of software are you using? Is it possible that this eps was created in a newer version?
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      There's as many reasons as their are all the hybrids and bastardized hybrids of EPS out there. You might try distilling the EPS to a PDF first, and then opening the PDF into Pshop. There's also at least one third-party available EPS import plugin for Pshop that gives you a lot more control over the whole rasterizing EPS process. I think it's just called 'EPS Import'.


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        I would distill and try to open in Illy first, why raster it, if you dont need to..
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          Good point. I missed that about trying FH and AI. If this is for something like, say-- a logo, in most cases you don't want to throw away the vector info.

          Won't open in AI? You can still try creating a PDF from the EPS, and then try opening that. When all else fails for me, and I need to actually edit the EPS, not just place it, this usually works for me:

          1- convert the original EPS into a PDF (if that doesn't work-- go to step three directly)
          2- do a 'SaveAs' to an EPS after tweaking the EPS save options to Level 2 (or even 1) PS, include fonts, etc.)
          3- 'Import' the EPS directly into CorelDraw using the postscript-interpreted filter. Corel's the only drawing app that gives you the option of converting embedded fonts into outlines during import-- which eliminates font issues-- and introduces editing ones! It can also mess up colours and such-- but in most cases, at least you've got real vectors to play with.

          In fact, even if you never use Corel for anything else, if you're a Windows shop, it's practically worth having it on a machine for this purpose alone (even a cheap, older version of Draw should work just as well for this function). Once it's 'in' it's easy to save off to AI or even a new EPS for working in other drawing apps.

          OR... once you get a PDF>>> place into ID, Export to a new PDF or EPS and take it from there. This can fix a lot of guck as well.


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            I'm gonna have to look at this... I'm trying to open it with Photoshop 7

            I'll try a few things


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              ahhhh, it won't work lol... anyone here wanna do me a favour and take the file, open it and then resave it to an eps version that will work for me?


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                check your PM..
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                  This may sound really stupid but why not place the eps in InDesign and export from there as an .eps. Open that exported .eps in Illustrator. That's how I break out vector stuff when designers send me sign files in InD or <gag>Quark...


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                    The file is refusing to open with all types, I don't have InDesign yet,


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                      The file they sent you is more than likely corrupt if it won't open anywhere. Ask them to re-save it and re-send it.
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                        Will do, thanks April and Brandon for trying!...



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                          sure, here to help... ...have them Zip the file before sending it, can help with the corrupting... WinZip is free and simple to use....
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